A Priceless Thing of Beauty

by Kathy L. Fordyce

I’ve thought a lot about the process.

The process where a artist sees the
potential in various “raw” materials, long before
the the finished piece is even begun.
The moment that a artist identifies that
great beauty lies within.
Often times what the artist can see with their eyes,
others cannot.
I’m convinced that artists bring not only their eyes
but their souls to the creative process.

And there it is.
The process.

Especially with the process to create a piece of jewelry.

This, I’ve not done myself.
However, I’ve had the privilege to observe one whom does.
And, to that, I’ve observed a great many things…

Much time is involved.
Intense heat.
Fine tuned patience as
a process of reforming emerges.

Taking a material from its original state and shape.
And transforming it into something that is to be
both prized and cherished.

I’ve witnessed the before.
The during.
And the after.

And the before looks nothing like the after.
The during seems to contain moments that
contain glimpses.
And the after?
Well, that is where we see the piece at its best.
Where we see the shine.
See the facets.
See the detailed beauty that the jeweler’s eyes beheld
long before ours did.

For the jeweler, the transformation really started in the
eye’s of her mind.
And, I would submit,
her heart.

And it is here, in the observing of this process.
In the pondering of it.
That I’ve seen.

As women.

So many of us have gone through processes that have
changed us.
We’ve experienced intense heat.
Been bent.
And refined.
Often times looking very different than we did before the process.
Feeling very different.

But beauty and strength are composed of these elements.
They seem to go hand in hand.

And this is where we, as fellow women journeying together can see
and encourage what is emerging in one another.
We can, much like a master jeweler, see the beauty in one another.
See the potential.
With our hearts rather than our eyes.
Long before the process is complete.

If we, like master jewelers, could only see that transformations take time.
Requiring a process that is often uncomfortable in its stretching ways.
If we could see this.
For ourselves.
For one another.
If we could see the beauty.
The shine.
Long before it emerges as the masterpiece in each of our lives.

If we could recognize the brilliance of potential that lies
within each one of us.

If we could see the treasure in one another’s.
Unique giftings.

Well I think we might just be offering one another something that
looks a lot like.


A special Thank You to my mother-in-love (as we say) for contributing this inspirational writing as my FIRST guest blogger! This woman has ALL my respect. She knows how to love fiercely, thoughtfully and it’s never conditional. She has taught me so much over the last 10 years. I have learned how to be a better woman by just knowing her. She is an inspiration to me and so many others. Love you Momma!

XO Kristina