Kristina Fordyce

Portland, Oregon

What if we lived in a city where women knew their worth and believed that they truly are beautiful from the inside out? And with that confidence women inspired other women to believe the same about themselves. Instead of women competing with each other, we would fight for and alongside each other. We would use our words to encourage and lift other women up. That’s the kind of city I want to live in.I’m Kristina Fordyce and I started Kardia of Gold with the vision to use my metalsmithing degree where I learned to design and make jewelry as a platform for my heart’s passion to encourage women to be the best versions of themselves. In my opinion, it starts with believing in yourself. I have gone through seasons in my life where I have struggled with self worth. The constant lie I kept listening to was, “you’re not enough” these words would paralyze me and hold me back from being the woman I know I was born to be. Through the years I have shared my struggle with other women only to find, so many other women are listening to those very same words. My hope is that when a woman wears Kardia of Gold jewelry she is reminded of the truth that she is beautiful from the inside out and that wearing my jewelry would be an outward expression of how she feels inwardly.

Did you know that the word Kardia in greek means heart? I purposefully chose a name that both encompasses compassion and jewelry. As much as I love the power of words, especially when they are encouraging, I also strive to be a woman of action. That is why Kardia of Gold is not just an ordinary jewelry company, it’s more valuable than gold or silver. Kardia of Gold is all about giving back and encouraging women to fight for justice, especially against sex trafficking.

Sex trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime. I used to think it only happened in other countries or other neighborhoods, until I learned that it’s happening all over the United States and even right here in my city that I love. This crime is so tricky because it’s covered up well and hard to catch. Often, women are targeted, then coerced or romanced into a relationship that they think is real. Before they know it they are signed up for a life of sex slavery where they feel they cannot escape because they or their families are being threatened. I want to invite you into this fight for women’s worth and even their lives. When you purchase Kardia of Gold jewelry, I give 20% of it to local organizations working in our city as well as globally on the same mission to keep women safe and to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.