Kardia of Gold fighting against Sex-Trafficking

Kardia of Gold gives 20% of all proceeds to Adorned in Grace and Hear the Cry to help bring an awareness and fight against sex-trafficking locally and globally.

Jewelry for a Cause

When you purchase your jewelry from Kardia of Gold you are actually joining in the fight against sex trafficking locally and around the world. Kardia of Gold donates 20% of all proceeds to two local organizations working hard to prevent and free women from sex slavery.

Adorned in Grace is a bridal shop in Portland, OR and Tacoma, WA ran by volunteers selling new and lightly worn wedding gowns, formal gowns and accessories. The sales from the wedding gowns goes to work with young girls and teens locally who are at-risk or victims of the sex industry. The Adorned in Grace Design Studio outreach in SE Portland is were the unsold gowns go to be repurposed. Designers, seamstresses and trained mentors pour hours of time and love into vulnerable girls lives through teaching different life skills such as sewing, cooking, homework/tutoring, and I’m so excited to say this year we will be teaching the girls how to make jewelry! Mentors create a positive, safe and supportive environment for these young ladies. Besides giving financially and teaching jewelry skills, Kardia of Gold also collects formal dresses and wedding gowns at each trunk show to donate to the Bridal shops to help keep inventory flowing. Please contact me if you are interested in helping or want to know more about getting involved. You can also check out there website http://www.adornedingrace.org/

Kardia of Gold also gives to a local organization working globally called Hear the Cry. They are all about compassion and justice for the broken around the world. Hear the Cry sends out incredible groups each month into different countries around the world for various projects. One of the three primary focuses for Hear the Cry is to pour their time and resources into anti-sex trafficking. They support a few local organizations as well as sending loving teams around the world to complete projects like building safe homes, schools and creating sponsorships for at risk girls. For more information about Hear the Cry or to get involved head to their website: http://hearthecry.org/

Let’s be part of the solution together in a BEAUTFUL way through your jewelry purchases. Thank you in advance for your heart of gold.



Designer, Jeweler, Owner of Kardia of Gold