I gotta slow down,
Stop for a second,
Take a look around,
And I gotta take time,
To hear that little voice inside,
Saying I came to give you life,
So spread your wings and fly,
I’ve got a secret to share,
You are enough to change the atmosphere,
So go and do life big,
I wanna do life big,
This song by Jamie Grace is such an inspiration for me. So often, I feel too small for the calling God has placed in my heart, but that feeling is definitely not from God. He says that we are ENOUGH because HIS grace is enough. He is the reason I can do life BIG.
I just came back recently from another Kardia of Gold trunk show and it’s a time where I force myself to slow down, to stop for a second and rededicate my business to my creator who put this vision in me. Trunk shows are a great deal of work behind the scenes, so I know when I come home I need to clear my schedule to practice the art of resting well. Not necessarily resting through sleeping (although that has its place if I had to forfeit sleep to prep for the show) the kind of rest I’m talking about is where you do something life giving… like go for a walk or a date with your best friend or curl up on the couch with a good book and tea and think positive thoughts about how hard you worked and how that work was GOOD. When was the last time you recognized yourself for a job well done?
Even though trunk shows take a bit of energy they are worth every ounce. Trunk shows are such a great way to meet with ladies face to face. In a world of social media it’s easy to lose the physical presence of relationships. We were meant to live in community and do life together, to support and each other through the highs and lows of life, but how can this be done on a phone or computer screen? It’s not done well, that’s for sure, not like being in community in the flesh. I’m naturally an introvert so it takes me out of my comfort zone to go out into big groups, but once I’m there it is so much fun watching friends get together, laugh and truly enjoy each others company. I love getting to share how my business is centered around helping fight against sex trafficking. This subject naturally brings up a lot of questions. I get to invite ladies into the fight with me by purchasing jewelry from Kardia of Gold and by bringing dresses to donate to Adorned in Grace (A local bridal shop who fights against sex trafficking). My hope is that Kardia of Gold will have an impact in this community as well as around the world.
You can do YOUR life BIG too. I would love to throw a Kardia of Gold trunk show with you! Just send me an email at kardiaofgold@gmail.com or go to my contact page and we talk about all the details! I look forward to hear from YOU.