Starting a business is a good way to test how far you can BEND before you break. There are days I feel like walking away. There are days that the voice in my head says- you can’t do this. When I started Kardia of Gold I didn’t quite grasp how much the business element would take priority over the creating. After all it’s the creating and designing I have my heart set on. It’s safe to say I’m on a steep learning curve. Even though the odds feel stacked against me, I am feeling a sense of -POWER- tonight to fight for my dreams. I know this power is not mine, but from my own CREATOR- the ultimate artist. I also am feeling more gratitude for the support of my family than ever in my life! I believe people that say they can and people that say they cannot ARE. BOTH. RIGHT. I am saying I CAN! This girl is not going to break…but I’m for sure bending farther than ever before! XO