Ladies…Who LOVES surprises? Especially when it’s Jewelry? If you are anything like me you are already hooked and NEED to hear more! For the first time ever Kardia of Gold is doing Kardia of Summer. This is for 3 months ONLY (June-August). Kardia of Summer is all about treating yourself to a little something special. Let’s face it, you are always thinking of others and treating the loved ones in your life, now its time to treat yourself to some simple luxurious jewelry to wear all summer and throughout the year too!

How Kardia of Summer works:

Go to my contact page, here on my website, then tell me the following info:

  1. If you wear gold, silver or you love both.
  2. List your top three favorite pieces of jewelry for example, if you love necklaces, stackable rings or maybe earrings are your signature piece that you can’t leave the house without.
  3. Let me know if you want to participate for one, two or three months.
  4. Finally, what address I can ship your surprise to.

The cost:

Each month (on the fourth Monday) I will bill you $29.99 via paypal to the original email you list when you sign up through my contact page. Once it’s paid, I will ship the surprise piece of Kardia of Summer jewelry right to your home. It only takes about 2-3 days to receive it. Each piece will have a value of $40 and up.

That’s it! Easy as ever and SO exciting for you! It will feel like your birthday EVERY month this Summer! Maybe your birthday is this summer and your family, friends or your man needs a slight “hint – hint” about this. Either way, if it is a gift from yourself or from someone who loves you… I know you are going to feel spoiled and beautiful. Happy Kardia of Summer to you.



Kardia of Gold Founder, Designer and Jeweler