I hope you have had the opportunity to browse through Kardia of Gold’s brand new jewelry designs, if you have not, click this link http://www.kardiaofgold.com/shop/ to check them out! As you can imagine, new designs are quite the process in order to get them to their final destination, that is displayed on my website.

First, I start with just me, a cup of great coffee, a pencil and my sketchbook. I let the creativity go wild! Then I have to pair down all my sketches to decide which ones I will fabricate. Once I have that narrowed down, I begin the fabrication work on my bench to make my drawings come to life. When the jewelry is completed I start naming each piece, pricing them and photographing the jewelry in my light box. Now, the fun, yet extremely time intensive part, I start planning the glamorous photo shoot!

Planning a photo shoot feels a lot like planning a wedding. It’s a little chaos, tons of communication mixed with exciting dreams and luxurious visions in my head. It is too much for one person to take on so I put together the best team who made the latest Kardia of Gold photo shoot a fabulous success.  Shayla Renne Photography shot these new designs with my Kradia of Gold models in the heart of the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. All the gorgeous make up was done by Karissa Peterson. My Co-Producer, Kenna Fordyce helped me through every step of the way from the dream phase, planning and connecting me with awesome people to contribute their talents to opening her home for Karissa to do the make up and all the models to get ready all while being a model herself! She does it all! Needless to say I am so thankful for these women in my life that made this photo shoot a dream that came true.